Stories (TFNT only)

Master creaser

By: Berkely

 When I was 2 years old I had no parents. They died from  a plane crash. I was then odopted by a man who was from japan. He tought me karate,spinjitsu,tai quan do, and origami. A year later he has married a woman named Mitchi. Him and his enemy Rchu fought for her. The man beated him. We then moved to my hometown New York. One day when we came home from soccer practice, we found his wife dead. He went to see what happened until Rchu apeared. He fought him until he died in front of me. So I escaped. I now live in the seers with aligators. One day I a woman’s babies fell into the suers. Ther was four of them. I named one Hansel, the other one Edwin , another one Maximous, and the final one John.


By: John

Hey, party dudes! So then Berkely tought us everything he knows. We were given kirigimi or was it kirigami? Enyways we called areselfs the Teenage Foldin Turtles!


By: Rchu

 So , I decided to make an evil empire! I made robot ninjas who will listen to me! I then dawned a mask and called my self S HREDDER!!!!!!! I work at a school but, when kids bring origami they go to detention and then I SHREDD there origami!

The Krang

by: Hansel

Berkely told us we can finnaly expearence fighting real villans! We were talking and hanging around on a building. We then saw these guys walking toward a girl and her dad. It was are chance to shine! We juped foward to them. We tried to stop them but they were to powerful! They got away eith the girl and her dad. Then John cought one of them. He ripped of his head with his nunchucks! Inside the body was a origami brain in a bowl. He was also nano robotic. He attacked John on the face. We were able to get him off. Well that goes our first mission. But then Edwin started acting crazy. He told us not to give up and to save them. I thought he was right to we lisnted to him.

Saving the peeps and having our first mission!

by: John


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